Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Public Speaking: Uploading Your Public Speaking Videos to YouTube

How can you show your public speaking videos to thousands of people quickly? Upload them onto YouTube, a website where public speakers and other users can upload and share videos. Before you broadcast your videos on YouTube, you will need a user name. Though you can upload videos from a mobile device like an iphone or record from a webcam, this article discusses uploading videos from a computer.

Go to the YouTube home page and enter your login. You’ll see an “Upload Button” on the upper right of the screen.

Click the “Upload” button. The “Video File Upload” page will display.
Just below Video File Upload, you will see the comment, “Press Upload Video to select and upload a video file.” Follow the instructions and click “Upload Video.”

Using the “Browse” field, navigate to the location on your computer where you saved your video file. Click on the file and then click “Open.” As the file is uploading, a blue progress bar will display across the screen.

A title bar will display below the blue bar where you can enter the title, description and tags. You can also enter a category, which also helps people find you through searches. Fill in the title, description and tags. Remember to use your primary keyword in the tags to help search engines find your videos.

Next, choose your privacy options. There are two: “Share your video with the world” or “Private.” If you are uploading a business video, select “Share your video with the world.” If you choose Private, the only people who will be able to use your video will be the people on your list of users. Even then, you would have to know their YouTube user name and send the video to them.

When the video is successfully uploaded, you’ll see a green checkmark, along with the word “Success.” At that point, click “Save Changes,” located under the privacy option. The phrase, “Your video settings have been successfully saved,” will display. YouTube will begin to check and process your video.

If you want to make edits …
If you want to add annotations, more tags or delete the video, go to the top right side of YouTube and place your mouse over your user name. A drop-down menu will display. Click “My Videos.” YouTube will show you the most recently uploaded video. Select the video and make your edits. You can to edit immediately after uploading, though YouTube will still be processing it.

Why should you make videos for your business?

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