Monday, March 15, 2010

Public Speaking: Writing Copy for Your Marketing Materials

Public speakers who learn to write good copy for their public speaking marketing materials can increase the traffic to their websites. What elements should you include? What techniques are effective? How can questions increase your sales? Writing a powerful sales letter to promote your public speaking events is easier when you follow a few copywriting guidelines. Using the elements described below can increase your sales.

The elements of a good sales letter:
Pre headline

Headlines entice people to read the rest of the article.

Subheading and parallel tracks
Write subheads that allow the reader to skim and grasp the main points. In addition, add details for those who want them. Using easy-to-scan subheads in conjuntion with details in this manner is known as “parallel tracks.”

Teasers raise interest and make the person want to know more. A teaser you might use is “See below.”

Layout tips

In a sales letter, remember text is more important than graphics. Try using the following layout characteristics and styles in your sales letters:

  • One sentence paragraphs

  • Indented paragraphs

  • Colored text

  • Bolding inside a paragraph

  • Highlighted text

  • Choppy sentences

  • Text boxes

  • White space

No underlining for online marketing pieces.

Part 2: Techniques of Copywriting on Wed. 3.17.10

Learn to write copy like a pro!

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