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Public Speaking: Adding a Lower Third to Your Video

Public Speaking: Adding a Lower Third to Your Video

Public speakers who produce and sell videos have extra opportunities to draw people to their websites. By adding a feature call “lower thirds” to your public speaking video, you can publicize your web presence to your viewers.

What is a lower third? A lower third is a graphic or banner placed at the bottom of the video frame. It is used to display text such as website addresses, names, phone numbers and any other information you want to appear on the screen to promote your public speaking activities. This article describes how to make a lower third using the video editing software Sony Vegas.

How to make a lower third with Sony Vegas.

· Create a new project.

Open Sony Vegas and create and name a new project.

· Select the background color and pattern.
In the middle area where all the tabs are, click on Media Generators. Select the background color and patterns. For this exercise, I am going to use a solid gray. Put the color into Video Overlay. The dimensions and color will display. Close out of the box. Now gray covers the entire screen. We want the gray to be only a thin strip of color positioned at the bottom of the screen, so we have to change the size.

· Set the options for the video overlay.
In the video overlay, there are three options: generate a media, event pan crop, and event effects. To create a lower third, we want to use the “event pan crop” option. On the left, select “moving y up and down only.” Click “Vertical.” Select “size about center is turned off” and also turn off “Aspect Ratio.” Go to “Source.” Where it says “Maintain Aspect Ratio,” click “No.” Turn off, “Stretch to fill frame,” which is located underneath “Maintain Aspect Ration.”

· Resize and position the box.
Click and drag the top edge of the box down until the box is the size you want. Remember to leave the box large enough to put text in. the text will need to fit completely in the box and also be large enough for people to read. Make sure you have some background area under the gray box. You can click in the middle of the box to display the four-headed arrow and drag it to the position you want. Click the “event pan crop” box to close it.

· Enter the text and position the text.
Still in Media Generators, click where it says, “Text.” Choose “Sample text” and drag it to the text layer. Highlight the sample text and type in the URL of your website. You may have to adjust the size and position of the text. In the media generators, click the “Placement” tab and then move the text into position. Next, you can change the font size. Select the “Edit” tab in the media generators and change the size of the font so it will fit in the gray box. If necessary, reposition the box so it is centered. Close the media generators.

Sony Vegas allows you to set the length of time the lower third will display on the screen. Adjust the timeline so the lower third will run across the bottom of the screen through your entire video.

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