Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Presentation Skills - Stage

The stage background can be a distraction. If possible, I try to find out what my background will be so I don't blend right in. If I have a blue curtain and I wear a blue suit, it will be harder for the audience to separate me from the background. Wall sconces directly behind the stage can be a distraction. I try to have them turned off or I remove the bulbs.

Lighting from behind is aptly called backlighting. Unplanned backlighting usually causes the front of you to darken considerably. However, planned backlighting from above is OK because it is used to put a halo effect around your head which makes you stand out from your
background. I beg for this all the time because it's the only way a guy like me is ever going to get a halo.

Also check to see that any risers and stairs to the risers don't squeak and are sturdy. You may fall down on purpose some time for fun, but you don't want to accidentally fall if you can help it. If you do fall, use a pre-planned ad-lib like: "Give me an inch and I'll take a fall."

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