Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brand New Teleclass + Complimentary CD

"Education for Profit: How to Start a Profitable Adult or Child
Education Facility"

This teleclass is guaranteed to show you how to turn your
knowledge into a certified school.

Thursday July 30th 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Can't make it? The first 200 to register get a complimentary CD
of the call and I pay the shipping.

For profit education is booming even though the rest of the
economy is in trouble.

In this teleclass I'll be showing you the exact steps to take to
get certified to sell your knowledge in the form of State
Certified School.

You Will Learn:

=> How to get a government agency to help you pick your topic . .
. find out where the trends are to give your school the greatest
chance of success

=> The pros and cons of having in house students or distance
learning students . . .Don't forget you can have both to increase

=> Where to find the licensing websites for all 50 states and the
District of Columbia. . . You'll have everything you need to
apply right at your fingertips.

=> How to apply . . . there are lots of things asked for in the
application that you may not have ever heard of. I'll go over 17
of them on this call.

=> How to find teachers . . . even though you may be the first
teacher in your new school, as it grows you'll need qualified
people to assist.

=> How to pay teachers . . . so that you'll virtually assure
yourself a profitable school.

=> How to buy office equipment for pennies on the dollar . . .
start your school with great equipment and no debt.

=> How to deliver the training . . . some of this is REALLY easy.

=> The best way I've found of dealing with all the red tape . . .
I would never get a license without this one trick.

=> 16 tips to keep you from getting ripped off when leasing
office space . . . Scumbag landlords can screw you and you'll
never know it until it's too late.

=> 7 Resource books I used to start my school . . . 4 Resource
books on leasing an office and 1 book on accrediation.

  And like all Tom Antion teleclass. . . you'll get much, much


Be one of the first 200 to register and get the complimentary CD


Sign up now!

I'll talk to you Thursday night.

Tom Antion


P.S. Don't forget - Telephone Bridge line space is limited and my
teleclasses sell out quickly. Visit: now before
all the complimentary CDs are gone and did I mention that the
shipping is on me?

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