Friday, April 24, 2009

Public Speaking: Simple Sells

I've come up with example after example over the past couple years of how having a simple, yet professional website attracts business better than a complicated flashy site. Again, this month I've got an awesome example of a site that for a very tiny investment has brought me an enormous return. That site is

This month it got in the very prestigious section of "Inc. Magazine" called "Best of the Web." Not only did it get in the section, it got the highest rating of all the other sites, some of which were backed by extremely large corporations. You can read the entire article here

Folks, this didn't happen by accident, although there is always an element of good fortune when something like this occurs. My experience has shown that gaining knowledge in your field usually accelerates your good fortune.

The technique I used with this site was to prepare it specifically for acceptance by Yahoo! the grandaddy of all the search directories. It has a clean and simple appearance. It'sextremely easy to navigate. The name is alphabetical so it getslisted higher in the directory. It has a nice graphic banner with the organization name on it. The site has many other nuances that I teach in Butt Camp to secure a good Yahoo! listing. The only thing at all that moves on the site is a pop up box that I only recently put on to get more ezine subscribers.

Here are some of the comments from their panel of CEOs: "Quick and easy to use. The glossary lists most of the important things that all speakers should know." "Excellent content." They didn't say, "I was so impressed with a hard to load annoying Flash presentation" now did they?

Get people that don't know you, or that don't know you well to go through your website and pick it apart. Yes, it might hurt after you've sunk tons of money into some fabulous artistic design, but it's going to hurt worse if no one comes to your site because they can't find it easily and if they come there and leave immediately because they can't figure out what to do.

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