Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Public Speaking: If I had it to do all over again . . .

I'd start websites like the ones described below

Imagine that the first day of every month, your web site
AUTOMATICALLY made a BIG pile of money.  A whole bunch of orders
came rushing through to fatten your bank account.

That's what we call "recurring revenue"... which is sort of a
fancy term for what a membership site will give you.

If you aren't doing some type of subscription site, then you are
LOSING money on every sale.  Instead of selling to those people
over and over, you are just getting one "drive-by" sale.  That's
a HUGE mistake.

To learn EXACTLY what I would do, you need to do to get one of
these sites running, go here now or a complimentary video:

Best Regards, Tom

P. S. It's the ONLY business I know that would give me steady
monthly income with all the benefits of an Internet lifestyle:

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