Monday, March 17, 2008

Tom Antion: Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Hi folks:

Part of your success in being a well-known public speaker has to do with your websites showing up high in the search engine rankings.

I'm telling you these "secrets" and if you see anything bad about me in the search engines, you'll know why. It's the search engine optimizers and web designers that don't like the fact I expose their overpriced services.

In a couple of hours I can teach a monkey to get great rankings and I have plenty of my own top rankings and many of my students' high results to prove it.

Here's the checklist on what you have to do to get high rankings the fastest:

  • Website all about one topic
  • Clean website devoid of lots of fancy elements that junk up your code
  • Use site maps
  • Place your main keywords properly on your site Note: your title bar is critical
  • Have an acceptable keyword density
  • Have lots of content pages
  • Use a good internal link strategy
  • Have a great incoming link strategy Note: this is critical
  • Have a strict outgoing link policy
  • Have a supporting blog on a different server
  • Avoid pdf sites (although it's OK to add pdf downloads as a convenience for your visitors, but don't substitute pdf for straight HTML pages
  • Make good use of social networking sites
  • Make good use of video sites

If you don't even know what half these bullet points mean, then it's no wonder your website suffers in obscurity. It's your responsibility to understand these things and then farm out the work to young people....even high school students.

I teach these and many more things you need to know at my exclusive mentor program at Here you can watch a video about the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center and download a learning brochure which outlines 9 different Internet revenue streams and has several feature articles.

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