Friday, June 20, 2014

Market Your Services with Auto- Responders

Auto responders are very important for your business growth. You can use auto responders to promote your products and services.

The concept of an effective auto responder is this - you sign up for a newsletter or free merchandise on a website and after you have fully registered, a number of emails promoting other products will be mailed to your email address. This may last for a couple of days or even weeks.
For public speakers, this is also one way of promoting yourself to people that have expressed interest in what you speak about. If you have a website, you can use auto responders to send messages in different forms of internet media. You can send YouTube videos, eBooks, or eCourses. With this process, you tend to attract prospects and stay top of mind. As they gain interest in you, you are granted the opportunity to offer your services and market your speaking gigs.
Here are some ways of building your list in order to make your services marketable. Let’s check them out.
  • Whenever people are following you on social networks, it’s your time to show them some links that will take them to where they can subscribe to you.
  • Offering freebies also increases the chances of you getting noticed by people.
  • Install a pop up plug in on your website. This can spark curiosity among people and convince them to sign up for your newsletter. 
  • If you have your own YouTube videos, at the end of every video, you can encourage people to sign up for your list. Without this, the interest of people might dwindle.
  • Give a good, catchy name or tagline for your newsletter. This entices people to dig deeper and possibly, check it out and sign up.
These tips are very useful. Try employing these tips when trying to grow your your email list.

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