Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Content Tips for Professional Speakers

As a professional speaker, it is important for you to utilize social media to grow your brand. Social media is a great platform for speakers to spread their message and meet like minded people.
You should know exactly why your brand is using social media and what goals you want to accomplish. Be as specific as possible in your approach so you can stay focus. Here are 3 types of social content mediums that help professional speakers grow their brand:

Don't Neglect Your Blog
Sometimes entrepreneurs become confused and overwhelmed  on what topics they should blog about.
Consider your keyword research when developing topics. Your blog should answer questions that an interested prospect would have about your industry.

You should also consider blogging on related subjects. For example, if you are a motivational speaker for college students your blog should include college tips, speaking tips and how to’s. Don’t over think this part, you do not have to know everything to share your unique knowledge.

YouTube Marketing
Video marketing is a great approach to building trust in your industry. Place one of your speeches on YouTube to show off your skills. Add a video to a blog post so you can go into more detail. Adding video to your social media strategy will let prospects see you and what you have to offer in action. When you visually connect with the viewer, you will stay top of mind.

You can include an audio recording of your short speech on your website. You can give how to's, or little quick snippet tips. Audio is a great way to display your knowledge and expertise.

Once you start creating consistent content that shows off your brand you will start to understand your audience. Once you produce your great content do not forget to be social. Remember to engage with your audience. Also, by mixing up the delivery of content. Give your audience options on how they can consumer you information.Some people like an audio file over a video because they have along commute to work.

What techniques are you using to grow your brand?

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Unknown said...

Hi, I really liked your tips on how to make it better in the internet as a speaker. I learned that constantly using your blog can help boost your authority and your presence.

The tip on youtube videos is really great as well. But I still have to ramp it up on the videos... will definitely do that soon.