Monday, December 31, 2012

Have a Book? Use The Content For Article Marketing

I know that many of you out there have published books. I have a few myself. Books are excellent calling cards and can quickly increase your worth to a meeting planner and add an additional revenue stream to your online business.

But let's use that same book and its content to your advantage. Break down all the parts, chapters, sections and modules and repurpose them into searchable content for the web. I have taken dozens of chapters of both my "Wake 'Em Up" book and my "Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing For Small Business" and published them on many website resources to help draw in high amounts of traffic through Google searches.

They can be published as article content on your own websites, uploaded to article marketing services such as, used as blog posts, given away as PDF files for opt-ins, recorded as MP3's or podcasts and broken into smaller ebooks and training.

Repurposing your published book gives you a ton of great content that the search engines love. Most websites I see lack any real searchable content, yet the website owner is proudly selling a major printed book online. Break that book apart and use the content that you've already taken the time to write as a way to attract website traffic and more sales of the book.

A resource for the most professional public speakers only....