Friday, October 05, 2012

How QR Codes Can Build Your Speaking Business

Quick Response (QR) codes are a matrix type barcode that consist of a pattern of black squares on a white background.

This code can represent binary, alphanumeric, or even Kanji symbols. Smart phone owners can use their phone camera to scan the image. Once scanned, the code will direct the user to any number of options determined by the code's creator. The code can take users to a website, activate email or text, connect the device to a browser, provide coupons for products, and many other useful applications.

QR code uses

Sharing - Use QR codes to share a link, coupon, video, or even a whole ebook.

Social networking - Link a QR code to a functioning 'Like' button for Facebook or '+1' button for Google+

Calls to action - Link QR codes to a sales page or opt-in page Sending QR codes to a page is a good idea because you can put analytics on that page. Use your analytics to determine how well the code is working.

Creating a QR code

There are many free sites available to create your own QR codes. Some good sites are: and Kaywa. Google has it's own site for shortening URLs and providing QR codes all in one.

Where QR codes could be placed:

• The back (or front and back) of your business card.

• Your brochures and other marketing materials.

• The sides of trucks and trailers.

• Product tags and packaging

• Convention and event nametags

• Restaurant menus

• Event ticket stubs

• Point-of-sale receipts

What QR codes could link to:

• Installation instructions

• Sources for replacement parts and service

• Directions to your business

• The process for hiring your professional services

• Valuable coupons and special offers

• Recommendations for complementary products and services

• Free mp3 downloads

• Customer feedback forms

Super Tip for Speakers: add a QR code to the back or inside flap of your printed book to send readers to a series of videos that offer more training in the topic you've written about!

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