Thursday, September 06, 2012

Public Speaking Business Marketing - Self Publishing CDs

As a public speaker, it's a great idea to take the availability of your training and offer it to more people than just those who attend your speeches and workshops. You can create a massive amount of 'passive' income (money that rolls in while you sleep) with products that you can sell from a website.

Cd's are still a great idea and a viable product for people to buy. Cd's have real perceived value as opposed to MP3 and ebooks. You can produce entire sets of 3 or more to offer a training 'system' that holds real value. All products like this lead back to your speaking business or personal coaching, even if the customer has never met you before. It's a great way to get your name out there and make additional income beyond the speaking fees.  

But how do you make Cd's on the cheap? How much money do you have invest to start publishing Cd's? Using the Print-on-Demand method of self publishing, you can print and ship Cd's to customers starting with no money up front.

That's right. by Amazon and both will produce your compact disc and ship it to your customer even while your sleeping, with no more than an investment of your MP3 file and cover art work. Realistically, you could record a CD length MP3 in your home office and have someone (even a teenager) create the cover in Photoshop, and already have everything these two companies need to print and ship your Cd's.

You can even buy your own box of copies to sell at the back of the room during your speaking engagements. You could even give them away as prizes or give them away for database building opt-ins if you want to get really fancy. Prices vary between these two companies a bit, but ordinarily a CD can produced for as little as $2.50, and they don't charge you for it until the Cd has already been purchased. That means the money is already in your bank account before you pay the costs.

How could selling Cd's change the way you do business?