Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Public Speaker Marketing Tips: SEO Friendly Websites

Description META Tags are a place where you can put a “description” of your webpage and your keywords. Not all search engines use these descriptions and keywords, but some do. The description META Tags have taken on a much greater significance in mid 2010 especially with Google.
On the search engines that use these META Tags, when your site comes up in search results, it will have the description that you wrote, which is really nice because that means you can control what’s being said about your site and entice people to click on your link.
You should do your best to write descriptions that are compelling. It would be a shame to come up as number one in a search but have no one click on your site because your description was so poor. Try to give them a good reason to click.
Search the web to see descriptions of other sites. Try to evaluate the techniques they use to entice you to click on their link. Incorporate the same techniques when writing the descriptions to entice people to click on your link.
What happens if I don't bother with Description META Tags?
If you don't have “description” META Tags when the search engine spider comes to visit, it would crawl down your page from top to bottom. If it saw a graphic and could not interpret it, you get nothing.
The person, that’s sitting there at his/her computer thinks to himself/herself, “Well I’m not clicking on that site because I don’t know what it’s about.” META Tags allow you to control what is said about your site when search engines that use them bring your site up in a list of search results.
That’s one type of META Tag (description) and they’re very simple to create. In fact, there are sites out there on the web that will create your META Tags for nothing.
Therefore, you can go out there and type META Tag generator into a major search engine and follow their instructions. Then all you have to do is cut and paste what they give you into the HTML (behind the scenes view) of your webpages.