Friday, March 26, 2010

Public Speaking: Enhance Your Marketing Presence with E-zines

An important part of your public speaking business is marketing your products and your speaking engagements. A great marketing tool that is easy and inexpensive to produce is an e-mail newsletter, or e-zine. An e-zine is a text based push product that allows you to e-mail information to people who opt-in. With an e-zine, you can continually show people that you are a real entity and that you provide great public speaking information. You can also sell or barter advertisements with other business owners in addition to advertising your own products.

Why are e-zines important?
E-zines add a lot of value to your public speaking marketing plan.
* They increase your visibility and your sales.
* The keep your subscribers informed of your new products and services, your events and upcoming speaking engagements.
* They constantly keep your products and services in the minds of the people who opted-in to your e-zine.
* E-zines will build your credibility.

Another thing they do is build your list of contacts. The subscriber list is a ready-and-waiting customer list for every product you develop. You can use your high content e-zine to market to your list. Back issues of your e-zines can be an important part of your marketing strategy, too.

You can find a free e-zine template online. Copy the template and insert your own content. I use Notebook to create my e-zine. Write the content and then edit the e-zine. After you have it finalized, place a hard return after every 65 characters. This will keep the appearance of your e-zine neat and prevent words from jumping lines and looking awkward.

Avoid using graphics and photos. They don’t always load and when they do load, they can look different in various e-mail programs.

How often should you send out an e-zine?
Though there is no set time to distribute an e-zine, I initially sent mine out twice a month. You may want to experiment to see how your subscribers react to the intervals between issues to find timing that is right for your publication. Look online for a site that will announce your new e-zine, which will help you attract subscribers.

As an extra measure of security, I subscribe to a list serve, a company that maintains control of my subscriber list. They handle subscriptions and unsubscribes. It’s extremely important to immediately remove people who request to be unsubscribed. My list serve company does this for me. Even with the list serve, I still watch to see who is subscribing and unsubscribing.

Launch your own e-zine, post high quality information and watch your business grow.

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