Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Public Speaking Marketing Tips: Referral Fees

You can be a really great platform speaker and still not get
people to refer you for other speaking engagements.

I don't know why that is. I suspect that people just get busy
thinking about their own lives and problems and -- can you
believe it? -- They just don't dedicate themselves to telling the
world how great you are.

One way to encourage people to spread your name around is to
offer them an incentive in the form of a referral fee. When money
is involved somehow people remember your name more.

I offer up to 20 percent of my speaking fee as a
commission/referral fee if someone calls up and says, "Joe, saw
you speak and said we have to have you at our next convention.
Are you available . . ." This means that Joe did my selling job
for me and all I have to do to close the deal is check my
calendar book and send the contract.

I offer 10 percent if someone calls because of Joe and makes me
jump through all the normal hoops to send press kits, demo
materials and keeps me on the phone for hours to see if I'm the
right fit for their audience.

In the first case, Joe either had the clout or did such a great
selling job for me that he deserves more money. In the second
case Joe didn't have the clout and didn't do a good enough
selling job, so he gets a little less. Either way Joe and I both

A colleague of mine and professional speaker Bill Cates wrote the
book "Unlimited Referrals." I suggest you get a copy for tons of
other ideas on getting people to refer you.

Increase Your Referral Fees and Grow Your Speaking Business!

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