Friday, May 01, 2009

Public Speaking: Opening Tips

=> Ask a funny or outrageous question like, "How many of you have ever swung from a tree like Tarzan?" Then go on with comments about it being a jungle out there.

=> Ask a deadly serious question like, "How many of you would know what to do if you went into your small child*s bedroom and the child wasn't breathing?" You may even hear gasps from some audience members (especially the moms) when you ask a question like this. You can be sure they will be riveted on what you say next, so make it good.

=> Make an outrageous statement like this, "Since 1989 there have been 250 waterbuffalos collecting social security in this district." Note to reader: After that last statement you are seriously wondering why you bothered opening this Email aren*t you? hahaha. To make this work in real life you would follow up with the following statement, "Of course, there aren*t 250 water buffalos collecting social security in our district, but ABC is happening and we must do XYQ (no ZZZZZs allowed) about it."

=> Mention something in the local newspaper that is outrageous, funny, or an example of what your presentation is about.

=> Use a funny quotation that relates to your subject. Mark Twain said, "I don*t mind what the opposition says of me, so long as they don*t tell the truth." The truth is . . ."

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