Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Public Speaking : BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP

Just when you think you're on top of the world . . . ZAP! The computer Gods bring you down a few notches. This past Friday while setting up for ButtCamp in Orlando, FL my new laptop that had just easily checked email for me in my hotel room would not boot up. I thought, "Gee this is a pain, but no big deal. I'll just get my trusty old backup computer which has been chugging along for a couple years. I got it out and OH NO! It wouldn't boot up either. I figured there must be anti "Butt Word" ghosts in the room. This just couldn't be . . . but it was. It wasn't apparent at the time, but it looks like the power supply went bad and zapped the new computer. Then when I plugged the same power supply into the backup computer it zapped it too!

I ended up borrowing a computer (and power supply) from someone in the crowd and rewarding them with a bunch of freebies. The day was more work for me, but went great anyway. After the seminar I then hustled to Comp USA and paid full price for another new laptop (OUCH!) to use at my two sessions at the National Speakers Assn. convention


=> Know enough about computers to get your information to show on a computer that doesn't belong to you.

=> Have backup CDs of everything you need to run your programs and get your job done on a brand new or borrowed computer. I had the CDs with me to load everything I needed on both the borrowed and new PC and went on to WOW em at NSA.

Backups . . . Don't leave home without them!

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