Friday, June 06, 2008


People comment to me all the time, "Tom, your name shows up everywhere. How do you do it?" Basically I let my fingers do the talking. I learned how to speed things up in my office by using technology. I can think up promotions and distribute them worldwide in a matter of minutes. When you learn how to harness that kind of power it is relatively easy to make your name show up in more and more places.
Here are some ways to speed things up:

=> Learn how to use email filters so you don't have to wade through tons of junk email.

=> Learn to use signature files to insert long strings of text that you type frequently in your emails.

=> Learn to use the auto text feature in your word processor that recognizes strings of frequently typed text and types the rest in for you automatically.

=> Learn to use autoresponders which automatically respond to customer inquiries 24 hours per day.

=> Learn to use sequential autoresponders to do multiple follow up letters to your prospects again automatically.

=> Try out free programs like Short Keys Lite that will type any text you want by pressing only two keys.

=> Use good list management software or a list management company to control your email lists. (This saves me at least three hours work every time I send out one of these ezines.)

=> Collect questions you field over and over and make a FAQ(frequently asked question) page on your website and also duplicate it in a signature file so you can email it to people.

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