Monday, April 21, 2008

Public Speaking : THIS WILL SURPRISE YOU Part I (especially if you know me)

You can be a lousy presenter and still be great. By lousy, I mean that technically you do everything wrong. You look terrible. Your grammar and diction stink and you might have dandruff. Do not think for a moment that I want you to be these terrible things. In fact, I sell videos teaching you NOT to be pitiful technically when you present. What I want you to see is the bigger picture.

If you give really great information that is targeted to the needs of the audience, and you do the things that build rapport, you can still hit a home run. Again, do not think I am not giving you an excuse to forget about getting better technically as a speaker. I am just saying that if your information is lousy it does not make much difference how smooth you are as a presenter. Yes, there are some people that slide by because they are entertaining, but substance and helping people come first. Think, immediately usable information. Yes, they may need a long term plan, but if you give people something usable and and action plan that they can get excited about you will have done half your job.

Half my job? . . . Yes, the other half is to build rapport with the attendees. This does not necessarily mean that they like you. This means you have done what is necessary to make sure they trust in what you have to say and they feel you care about them.

Next issue we will look at ways to build that rapport.

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