Friday, November 30, 2012

Marketing For Public Speaking Businesses

How often are you sending press releases when you have a new book, training system or major public speaking event?

Press releases really work. I recommend for a professional service. Real results come from investing in your online press releases. You're able to measure the success of your release with real-time stats about how many views and opens it got.

Using your website analytics, you can see the immediate stats about how much traffic your site or landing page has received. Press releases help with spreading your name around the web - they are made specifically for search engines to find and index. They come up high in the search results and stay there for a long time. On top of that, most news agencies and reporters subscribe to PRWeb to find the latest happenings in each catagory of industry. You're business could be easily discovered by major media that is looking for the next interesting thing to do a story on.

Good publicity and searchability are the two things that can set you apart from other public speakers. Instead of just building a website and waiting for visitors to find it, be proactive and start using press releases to advertise each new part of your business. It's a tactic that most new public speakers rarely try.

Here's a tip: don't make your press realease sound like a pitch or too salesy. Write it as if what you're doing is newsworthy or could be a story that would interest a news organization and play it from that angle. You'll get a higher response and better chances at being featured for that big story.

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