Monday, April 01, 2013

Public Speaking Marketing - How Often Should I Send Emails?

This is a question that has haunted marketers large and small, since the Internet began. How often should one send emails to your subscribers?

There is no right or wrong answer on that. It depends on your target market and whether they expect to see notices at certain times of the month or year. You have to test it out and see the reactions. Here are some rules that apply to email that some speakers overlook:

- sending an email every day (or even every couple of days) can get on people's nerves, but it especially devalues the 'specialness' of the message.

- Sending an email less than once a month will make your subscribers forget who you are and will lose important brand awareness.

- It's not how often you send, but what you send that will keep your subscribers opening the emails.

If an email has value: results driven lessons, immediately usable content, no pushy sales copy, your subscribers will open the letters more often than not because they like them. Each email has something they can use to make more money, get healthier, get along with their loved ones, be happier, etc.

Try sending an email once a week. Only put a link to buy something in every other one. If you send more than one email a week and you start to see people unsubscribe, you've overstepped your bounds.

Never link directly to a shopping cart checkout in the email. Always send them to a webpage that has more refined copy to help the conversion process. Keep your email short - respect the time factor for your subscribers.