Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Public Speaking Marketing - Google +

If you haven't yet used Google + for your social media duties, you may want to start now. Google + is growing quickly into a powerhouse of networking for all types of industry people including public speakers.

Having a Google + account can help you with the search positioning of your websites in the long run. Sharing on Google + will help those resources get higher searchability and more credit for the subjects you write about.

If you are an author, Google will start connecting the posts and articles you write on Google + and other sites and give you an "Author Rank." Similar to Google's Page Rank, the Author Rank will give certain authors their own 'positioning' in the search results based on what they write and share on Google +. This can add a lot of extra search power to what your website already gets.

The functionality of Google + is growing every day. New apps and developments will help business owners such as yourself earn more fans and more effective networking, which in turn can add more money to your efforts.

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Tom Antion