Monday, January 14, 2013

Youtube For Public Speakers: Google Friendly Titles

Have you seen all the videos I have on Youtube just about public speaking?

They bring in leads, traffic and prospects to my speaking business 24/7 that I can turn into loyal customers. The videos are simple 'talking head' style ones that are only about 3 minutes long. I talk about marketing techniques and platform techniques for public speakers, and then I tell them to visit my public speaking membership site, where they can sign up to gain a year's access to over 400 training videos for only $97.

I'm sure you understand this marketing concept and how it important it is to your business. But how do I attract people who want to watch public speaking videos as opposed to the rest of the population? I carefully title my Youtube videos with keywords that public speakers are using to search for information.

Check out my channel and look at how I title my videos to be search engine friendly:

I use phrases with the words "Public Speaking" at the beginning of the title, with additional keywords that a public speaker may be searching for at the end of the title:

Public Speaking: Hand Gestures
Public Speaking Course: Stage Movements
Public Speaking: Lecterns
Presentation Skills: Powerpoint
Storytelling Tips

and so on. Some of these videos have been placed on the first page of Google within 30 hours of uploading them on Youtube. I like it when I see that public speakers or anyone trying to market themselves use the power of Youtube. But if no one can find your videos because they are not search engine friendly with the proper titles, it's a huge waste of time.