Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Public Speaking Marketing: Repurposing Webinars

Webinars are great ways to make money and educate your community. You can charge for webinar training up front and make your presentation or give away a free training and sell something at the end .

Unfortunately most presenters stop there, when they could be repurposing these webinar recordings into more money-making products. First, make sure you are actually recording the webinars or have a way to get a high-quality recording. This is the key to repurposing. Most webinar services have a way to make a recording.

This recording can be sent to transcriptionist and made into a text file, which in turn can be turned into an ebook. With the text and the slides together, a very educational ebook can be published on Kindle, CreateSpace or sold right from your website.

The recording can be edited into short, 5 - 6 minute chunks based on topics and uploaded as membership site content. Then people can pay a monthly fee to access the training. Or the entire recordings can be repackaged as a training system and sold along with the ebook and ongoing live workshops. These workshops can be recorded and sold later as an entirely new updated training system.

As you can see, webinars can be far more lucrative than the initial one you presented. Like a game of chess, you want to think 3 moves ahead when creating your webinar in the first place. Learn more marketing strategies that make real money at Amazing Public Speaking.