Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Public Speaking Marketing - No Pitch Webinars

We love webinars. Public speakers and other small business people love doing them and people love watching them. Why? Because they are visually interesting and dynamic. The marriage of an audio presentation and powerpoint presentation brings the live seminar feel to the small screen.

Most of us have seen a webinar or two. They usually start out with good, high-value content and then lead to a pitch for a product or training at the end. Most people know the pitch is coming and put up a wall of sales resistance in their minds. Proper content and clever sales closes help relieve the resistance and open them up to buy.

A 'no pitch' webinar is a bit different. The presenter states up front that there will be no pitch for a product; no selling at all, just good content. At the end of the webinar, the presenter offers the audience a chance to ask questions, leave comments or state their challenges with implementing the lessons that were taught in the webinar. They can do that via a web form that the presenter asks them them to go visit. There, the form will ask for their name, email and phone number, plus a form where they can write their questions or concerns.

Being able to personally chat one-on-one with a prospect can lead to a big sale. There are no distractions of a webinar taking place, no sales resistance. You're 'helping' them with a problem in an email or phone call and then prompting them to work with you while they are captive. This works great with more expensive training such as a mentorship program, where you need the one-on-one interaction between just you and your client. Learn other great tips from professional speakers...