Monday, January 21, 2013

Public Speaking Business Marketing - Press Releases

A press release, just like in the old days, let's news organizations know about important things happening in your business: promotions, events, seminars, new books being published, television appearances, etc.

Online press releases give you a big advantage on spreading the news about your speaking business. They have a lot of search engine power and can add greatly to the search results you already get. More than that, news organizations subscribe to many online press release services and are notified of stories that they find of interest.

This could lead to big things. You could be approached for a newspaper or television interview, asked for your opinion on something as part of an article or magazine write-up and drive a ton of new traffic to your website from the links that are included in a press release.

There are free services you can use, but from my experience the paid services have far more reach to the people who matter such as It may seem a bit costly at first, but your newsworthy business could reach the eyes and ears of thousands of news agencies, bloggers and website owners literally on the same day its released. Give it a try. I've been very successful with this marketing tactic.

How do the top public speakers position themselves in the eyes of the media?