Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Public Speaking Business - Kindle For Self Publishing

How can a public speaker get his or her name spread around the world? What would that do for your speaking business?

Publishing a book has always been a good idea, but until now, it has been a complicated and costly endeavor. Kindle has changed all that. And if you think digital publishing is not really 'being published'...
think again.

Ebooks and Kindle are taking the world by storm. There are more digital versions of books being sold on Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble than printed books. You can write, publish and sell a book (or many books) with a very minimal investment. While you are waiting for that major publisher to print and sell your work, your competition has already been selling thousands of digital copies and getting their name and celebrity out there.

The power of digital publishing goes far beyond just name recognition. By putting clickable links in the ebooks, you can drive traffic to your website prompting the sale of even more products and services, or being noticed by more meeting planners. Selling ebooks 24/7 also gives you another stream of income to help offset the weak economy.

If you haven't yet looked into self-publishing, now's the time.