Friday, January 25, 2013

Public Speaking Business - Autoresponder Purposes and Strategies

Here are some strategies used by successful Internet marketers to write follow up autoresponder messages that will help you gain much higher levels of customer satisfaction and make more money.
You can use the sequential autoresponders in for the following purposes:

•Free Ecourses

•Paid Ecourses -- Coming soon

•Customer Service

•Reduction of "Buyer's Remorse"

•Customer Upsell

•Reduction of hassle

Let’s focus on the last four items.

Customer Service

Customer service online needs to be better than in a face-to-face transaction. There is no personal interaction involved unless the customer has to call for something or you call them. This makes many customers very nervous.

They are sitting at home wondering if they did the right thing by ordering. In many cases they are wondering if the transaction went through at all. You want them to hear from you right away. You want them to start to feel like "hey this company didn't just disappear with my money."

Buyer's Remorse

A typical problem in both online and off line sales is buyer's remorse, i.e., the customer is thinking, "Gee, I wish I hadn't bought that. I really didn't need it. Maybe I shouldn't have spent that much, etc."


Part of the strategy in using sequential autoresponders is to start that feeling in the customer that you didn't just run off to a cyber resort with their money and sip cybermint juleps while they are trying to pay off their credit card.

At the same time you can give them the feeling that purchasing from you was a good deal and that they made the right decision by purchasing and that they do need what they bought and that it was perfectly fine spending what they did . . . in fact it was dirt cheap.

The rest of the strategy has to do with the fact that you would never want to make these follow-up contacts if you had to do it by phone or even by email. You should be too busy searching out new business all the time.