Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Business of Speaking: Online Videos

I created a ton of online videos that are highly searchable on Google and drive prospects to my websites all for free. All you need is a digital video camera, a microphone that will plug in to the camera and an account on Youtube.

People are searching everyday for information that you have to offer. As a public speaker, you have valuable advice on time management, weight loss, motivation, positive thinking, changing careers and literally thousands of other topics. Online videos give you the chance to grab a slice of those search results and more importantly, give real advice in a compelling manner via the dynamics of video.

The video is a convincing piece of real connection with your viewer. They can see instantly that you know what you're talking about and how to help the viewer with their problems. After offering up some real eye-opening content, you now have a chance to send them to your website for more information or resources that can quickly turn a curiosity seeker into a paying customer.

If you just have your website alone with a few articles on it, you're missing out. Youtube videos have higher search engine results than plain text alone. Also, very few people can write so well as to convey the emotions and conviction that a simple video can tell about your business. A smile and some great advice is worth a million words.

If you believe that online videos can help your business, and I know they will, discover everything you'll need to get started right here.