Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Amazing Public Speaking: Record 'Em

In another article I mentioned recording your grandmother and playing the recording during your presentation. Let's expand on that a little and see how that can work for many of your presentations.

How much do you think the crowd would love it if you did an interview with the CEO and fed him or her funny lines to use as answers? The same would hold true for anybody you record who was well known to the group and generally liked by them.

The opposite of that would work too if you made up a recording of you interviewing the "supposed" CEO of company that competes with the one you are talking to. In this case you would use dumb answers to make the fake CEO look stupid. Make sure it's really obvious that it's a spoof because I'm not taking the responsibility if the other CEO hear's about it and sues you.

You could do the same on video and it would be even funnier. I saw a guy one time asking dumb questions to audience members before his speech and recording the answers on video. The boss had told the participants that the speaker wanted to interview them so they should give him good answers to his questions. The entire thing was a set up and the people being interviewed didn't know it was a joke. They attempted to give serious answers to the ridiculous questions. The recordings were played back at the event and it brought down the house.

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