Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Checklist for Evaluating a Shopping Cart System

(Remember… most pieces of software are simply shopping carts and not complete and integrated sales systems)

Instructions to use this checklist

Whenever considering any shopping cart or shopping cart system ask the questions in the list below. Most have either yes or no answers.

If you start getting answers like, “Well if you wanted it to do that, we could custom program it for you,” or “Yes it will do that if you buy another module from a third party vendor,” or “I think we could get it to do that, but we’ve never had anyone ask before,” then you may be on pretty shaky ground by going with the system or shopping cart in question.

• Will it calculate shipping & tax?

• Does it handle specialized shipping like FedEx and UPS?

• Will it deliver soft & hard goods in the same transaction?

• Does it offer customizable “Return to Shopping” pages without needing custom programming?

• Does it allow you to make special offers?

• Does it deliver receipt and confirmation emails?

• Does it allow multiple order and dropship emails?

• Does it have a Web-Based administration page?

• Does it use encryption technology?

• Does it deliver easy output to your accounting software?

• Does it have its own associate program or is it easily compatible with other major brands of associate software?

• Does it have integrated upsell modules?

• Does it have an integrated sales and prospect database?

• Does it have broadcast email capability?

• Does it have mail merge capability?

• Will it deliver your ezines/enewsletters and automate the subscription process?

• Can it handle coupons and other discounts?

• Can it work for multiple websites with no extra fees?

• Does it have unlimited and fully integrated autoresponders?

• Does it have Ad Tracking tied into actual sales?

• Will it rotate ads for you and tell you which one makes the most money?

• Can the order form page be customized?

• Will it do automatic recurring billing?

• Does it give you a variety of sales reports?

• Does it have a “Tell a Friend” module?

• Will it allow you to easily make questionnaires and surveys?

• Does it have a pop up box builder?

• Does it have a printable off line order form?

• Can you recommend the cart to others and get recurring income from doing so?

Check out the system that does all of the above...