Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Public Speakers - Optimize Your Videos on Youtube

Titling Your Videos

The title of your video is the main place that search engines look for keywords. Using the training you learned in course 101 about keywords, you can find many relevant keywords and phrase about your business with a keyword suggestion tool. Doing your keyword research early gives you the titles you can use for search positioning and the content ideas about what to say in your vidoes.

When picking titles for your videos use a main keyword first followed by a dash or colon, and then the subject of your video. For instance:

Publc Speaking: Getting Over Stage Fright or

Leadership Skills - Teaching Teenagers Responsibility

The search engines can grab any of these keywords for a search result. Your keyword research will tell you how many searches a month or day people are conducting for a phrase and how much competiton a word or phrase may have.

Descriptions and Tags

These are great places to put keywords about your business so the search engines can find you; but not only that, the way you use your titles and descriptions can drive traffic to your websites. Driving traffic is really the ultimate goal here for making videos. The videos may brand your business, educate people about your products and even make you famous, but getting people to get to the website is the true conversion. Your viewers can't sign up or purchase something just from the video alone, you have to get them to a website for them to do that. Just like a commercial on television for Wendy's, the ad can make them hungry but they have to get into the car and go to the drive through to purchase.

On the internet, the 'click-out' is the conversion. The place where the clickable link is, is in the video description. Not only do you tell them what the video is about, if you type in the entire URL address to a website including the 'http://' it becomes an automatically clickable link. This only works in the video descriptions and the “About me” section of your channel.

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