Monday, July 23, 2012

Marketing Strategies For Public Speakers - Advertorials

The key is to get people to your sales page, but to make sure they don’t know it’s a sales page until they have had the chance to see all the benefits of the product. You make them think they are simply reading a bunch of tips or an article. This is called an “advertorial”.

Give them tips and let them know what it is going to mean to them if they don’t have these tips. You scare them a little bit and get them salivating for this information BEFORE you let them know that they can buy it. I want you to see these two sales pages and look at the way the new page hides the fact that a product is for sale.

Go to the first page and you'll see that the instant you open the page, you know it's a product. Now visit the new sales page at which is a major revamp selling the exact same product. Do you see the difference? You already know there is a product at the end of the long copy, but try to think like a visitor that found this page in a search engine or clicked on a link from someone else's site to visit the one above. They wouldn't have a clue that this was a product until they had already read the benefits of the product.

This point is critical to your success selling big ticket products to people that don't know you. Writing sales-copy so that it doesn’t look like sales-copy is not easy. The page found at the link above was structured to lead the reader through the benefits and scare them a little up until about three-fourths of the way down the page. Then it let's them know it’s a product, which they can buy. Keep in mind that a web page can be much longer than just a single page of a document. If you look at that speaker video page, it is actually seventeen pages long.

Many top Internet marketers believe in long copy. Many people say, “Nobody is going to read that long copy.” Well, the people that are interested in this service and this skill will read it and if you’re going to sell a $1300.00 product, the more you tell, the more you sell. So don’t worry about long copy, but just don’t let them know that it is a product until they are much deeper in and really want the product.

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