Friday, December 16, 2011

Presentation Skills - Saver Lines

Saver Lines are what you say when your supposedly humorous statement does not get a laugh. You shouldn't be ashamed to have to use saver lines. The top comedians in the world need them and some purposely make mistakes so they can get a laugh from the saver line. Johnny Carson was an expert at this. After a poor response to a joke he would say a comically insulting line like, "May an aroused herd of Yaks make an everlasting commitment to your sister" or "This is the kind of crowd that would watch Bambi through a sniper scope."

This method is most effective when a speaker shows a high confidence level and is fairly experienced. Say a witty, mildly attacking line to force them to laugh after they didn't laugh at your joke or one-liner.

* Do any of you out there speak English?
* I've got a book for sale outside that explains these jokes. You may want to pick up a copy.
* (If one person is laughing) Will you be kind enough to run around the room so it looks like everyone is having fun?
* You have marvelous self-control.
* I've got 20 more bad jokes just like that one and no one gets out until you start laughing.
* [Pick out a well-known person in the crowd] Joe that's the last time I'm using one of your jokes.
* I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing.
* I'm not going to wait forever for you.
* I was waiting on you a little on that one.
* That was a Polaroid joke. It takes one minute to get it.
* Everyone doesn't have to be funny all the time and I just proved it.

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