Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Presentations - What about Specific Industries?

If you are looking for stories and humor in a specific industry, you must work a little harder. Certain professions like medicine and law have many individual books, newsletters, and articles written about them. But if you are a plumbing executive, it is unlikely you could go down to your local bookstore and find a plumbing joke book.

Start a file right away for industry-specific information you find. A good place to start looking for information to fill this file would be in a trade journal for your industry. Almost every industry you can imagine has one or more associated trade journals. If you're looking for humor, sift through back issues to find humor you can use now. Virtually no one remembers cartoons and jokes more than a month or so. Watch for industry newsletters so you can extract usable material. Check your company bulletin boards regularly for funny signs and postings.

Call others in your industry to look for stories or incidents that would be of interest to your audience (remember to give credit). Collect everything you can collect that is interesting and industry specific and soon you will have the best collection around.

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