Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Public Speaking: Tips For Small Boardroom Presentations

Arrive slightly early to conduct up-to-the-minute research.

Make friends with the receptionists and/or secretaries. These people will
pave the way to your success when it comes to access to the decision makers.

Pick up and/or read prospect related info from the waiting area (you should
try to get this stuff in advance).

Notice the decor or any sign of humor or lightheartedness so you can refer to
it if the prospect appears to be unhurried and friendly.

Stand-up during your presentation. According to the University of Minnesota
study mentioned in Chapter 10, your customers will be willing to pay 26
percent more money for your exact same product or service when you do a
stand-up presentation using visuals. You can always find an excuse to stand.
You might write on a white board or flipchart, etc. If you sit and the prospect
happens to stand, you will be in a very weak position.

Control the environment as best you can to avoid barriers between you and
the client or attention busters like windows, doors, etc.

Try to make connections with what you learned from the lobby.

Pay close attention to the demeanor of the prospect and try to match it.

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