Monday, May 24, 2010

Public Speaking: More Suggestions for Improving Your Website

True public speaking professionals are always on the search for ways to improve. Whether you are re-vamping your website or developing new public speaking products to sell online, the suggestions below offer ideas to help you improve your website.

Take advantage of the title bar, which is the blue bar located at the top of your computer screen, to increase your rankings. Use your main public speaking keywords in the page title. This is the number one place search engines look when they are looking for your keywords. Remember, the search engine searches from the top of the page down and every page on your website has its own title bar.

Put your database sign-up area on every page of your website, excluding your sales page. If you only have your sign-up area on your home page and the person never goes to your home page, you won’t get the person on your database.

Write entire sales pages for giveaways. People are afraid of spam and need a good reason to give you their email. Create an entire page of information, benefits and samples showing how great it is to be on your database. You want visitors to be excited about signing up for your website.

Ask your webmaster to use heading tags around important words and phrases. These are done in HTML code and are not visible to your site visitors. For example: Put Heading 1 tags around the phrase “Public Speaking: (Title of article).”

Improve your privacy policy. Change your privacy policy to say you will never sell the person’s information unless you sell that portion of the business that contains the database with their information, in which case you will give them two weeks to remove their information from your contact list. Check with a legal person for correct wording.

Add e-courses. Break your topic into five or seven parts and write emails about them. You need a sequential auto responder to distribute the e-course, such as The e-course can be either free or paid. I like to send a free email everyday to stay in front of people while they’re excited. You can deliver paid e-courses at any interval. In addition to having separate emails, put all the parts of the e-course in a separate pdf file. Inside the course, add a comment similar to this. “For those in a hurry, click here to download the entire course.” Add the comment to each section of the e-course with a link to the pdf so people who do not receive one or more of the emails can download the entire course.

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