Thursday, June 11, 2009

Public Speaking: The Laws Of Humor

Law #1
You Do Not Have To Use Humor, Unless You Want To Get Paid
People will pay more to be entertained than to be educated.
Two Trends in Speaking: 1.Immediate application 2. More
Incorporate the 3 Es:
1.Educate 2. Enlighten 3. Entertain

Law #2
Know Thy Audience
The more you know about the audience, the more
opportunities you will have to play with them.

Ways to Learn About Your Audience:
A.Pre-program questionnaire:
B. The fastest way to know the inside humor of an
organization is to ask. Ask about the characters in the group.
C. Read their annual report, past newsletters, copy of the
program, web site address, Hoovers
D.Attend meetings and field trips before you speak. Find
humor hot buttons.

Law #3
The Shortest Distance Between You And The Audience Is A Good
Laugh Eliminate all barriers between you and your audience.

Create the illusion of control. Approach the audience as
though everyone came to have a good time. The purpose is
not to control them, but to ask, "What is it we have
in common?"

Four Effective Humorous Openings:
A.Self-effacing Humor Creates a bond with the audience.
B.Physical surroundings If it is on the mind of the audience,
you must mention it.
C.Tap into "Inside Humor." Comment on what everyone is
chuckling about. All of a sudden you are one of them. You
immediately gain respect because you did your homework.
Always check with person you are going to poke fun at.
D.Current events: What is happening in that particular city,
around the nation, or worldwide?
**The purpose of your opening is to loosen up the audience
and invite them to listen.

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