Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Public Speaking: Backing Up Files

I was assisting a friend of mine in making CD backups of his
powerpoint presentation this past week.
I was to Fed Ex them to
his hotel as a double protection in case his program got stolen
or damaged.

A very interesting thing happened. He was emailing me the files
to burn on CD for him and many of his photos were not showing up.
I kept getting the message on the bad slides, "QuickTime and a
Jpeg decompressor needed to view this slide" I already had
Quicktime on my computer and never have any trouble looking at

He had produced the presentation part on a Mac and Part on a PC
and had thoroughly tested the entire presentation on both the
Macs and PCs he had in his office. It's still a mystery what
actually happened, but to fix it he had to open the photos I was
having trouble with in Photoshop and then resave them.

Bottom line. It's a good idea to have a separate backup CD with
your presentation on it, and it's a GREAT idea to double check
those backups so you never get caught with your pants/skirt down.

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