Friday, January 16, 2009

Public Speaking: Customized, Automatic Responses

Here's your dumb question of the day. If you got a promotional email that was generic, would you read it as carefully as you would an email that was totally customized to your wants?
You can now send customized emails automatically while you are doing something else.
Here's how it works.

When someone wants information about your company, you have them fill out a form. The result of each question on the form is then sent to a company called
This company keeps a pre-written message that you created on file for every possible answer given in the form. When the form is completed, DataBack company sends the person that filled out theform a customized email which paragraph-by-paragraph exactly addresses that person's interests.

I.e., their email is totally customized just for them.

Form Question 1: What kind of meetings do you do?
Form Answer 1: National Association Meetings

Automatic Response Paragraph 1: I have extensive experience doing National Association meetings. You might want to check out whatsome of my other association clients say about me.

Form Question 2: Where is your meeting?
Form Answer 2: Denver

Automatic Response Paragraph 2: I noticed that your event is in Denver. We have a special no travel expense deal for Denver. I'll explain it to you when we talk.
etc., etc., etc.

Do you see the power of this technique? DataBack company is creating a paragraph-by-paragraph customized response to the person making an inquiry about your service.
The person reading the email will only be exposed to exactly what he/she is interested in which will most likely increase yourresponse from them and since it's automated you won't have to bethere to make this all happen.

Oh, and one more tip. Tell DataBack company to delay your automated response one day which will make the email seem like you wrote it yourself. If the person filling out the form gets the email back from you immediately, it will be obvious that youreally didn't send it yourself.

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