Monday, December 08, 2008

Public Speaking : DRESS 'EM UP!

Since I owned an entertainment company for six years I wound up with an enormous number of props and costumes that were pretty much taking up space in my house after I got full time into the speaking business. When I was asked to start doing speaking engagements with a high percentage of humor I decided to take better advantage of all my funny outfits.

At a presentation in Dallas I had the one of the male executive VPs dressed up like a nurse and another VP was dressed up like Elvis. In this case they weren't completely dressed in costume. I put a nurse's hat, and stethoscope on the one guy and gave him a giant comedy thermometer.

Elvis had on a giant wig and sunglasses with giant sideburns attached. He also had a scarf around his neck and an inflatable guitar.

On another occasion, I had the president of a pizza chain wear a pillow on his behind with a big target painted on it. They were doing a giant KickButt promotion. Every time one of the managers got one of the customer service answers right they got a chanceto Kick the President in the rear.

Another time I provided a gorilla and clown costume. The CEOdressed in the Gorilla costume because it's a "jungle" out thereand someone else wore the clown costume to represent all thoseclowns out there that we are going to beat.

My favorite was the time I took a full size dummy to a customer service speech where the participants were really frustrated with the nasty customers they had to deal with. People that answered questions properly got to beat up the "dummy" customer.

All of this may be out of your comfort zone, but I can tell you that each one of the events above literally brought down the house and I got big bucks to be there. So using props, and costumes in the right situation can be tons of fun.

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