Monday, December 01, 2008


I've learned a lot about back of the room sales in the past couple years. My high day so far was $52,000.00 and some change on one speech. This article isn't about the technique of Back of the Room Sales. I'll cover that in a future issue. This article is about an overall philosophy to increase sales and a specific technique that I've been using.

The overall philosophy is that too much information will not help the audience members's retention of the material or help your back of the room sales.

Over the past five years or so I started doing my Wake 'em Up Presentation Skills seminars and more recently my ButtCamp Internet marketing seminars. Ask anyone who has ever attended one of them and I guarantee they will tell you that they got buried in good material. In fact, I used to brag about the fact that I was going to bury you in good material. I still say, "your brain will be smoking when I get done with you." For the most part, what I've found is that I've overwhelmed many attendees in tototal inaction and they didn't buy anything either.


Now I do it differently. I cut down on the overall amount of material. We have a lot more fun. People retain more. They don't feel as overwhelmed. They do more and get more results. AND they buy more of my stuff.

I always use humor in my presentations, but lately I have been revising a segment of my presentations that I got away from for a couple years......MAGIC

No I'm not talking about becoming a professional magician. I'm talking about using magic tricks to have some fun and to illustrate points I'm trying to make.

I can assure you that the people in my last seminar that saw me put my bare hand into a steel spring muskrat trap will remember what I said about email marketing traps.

I'm sure that when someone 12 inches from my fingertips saw me turn a one dollar bill into a hundred dollar bill will remember that you can turn a small investment into a really big investment if you know what you're doing on the Internet.

Visit your local magic shop to find tricks that are easy or require minimal practice and get suggestions on what points you can make. Or better yet, figure out the point you want to illustrate and ask what the magic shop has that would help you make your point. I'm working on a set of magic videos specifically for speakers that I'll announce in a few months.

In addition to increase Back of the Room sales, you will find that people will do more word of mouth marketing for you and send their friends and colleagues to your sessions if they got both valuable content AND had fun.

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