Wednesday, October 29, 2008

100K of Public Speaking Training for only 5 Bucks

If you are already a member of get busy studying all the
great videos at the site

If you aren't already getting this super deal, read on.

When does 5 dollars = 100,000 dollars? When you can get 100,000
dollars worth of high level professional speaking training for
signing up for the 30 day trial at

Hundreds of people have paid thousands of dollars to get speaker
training from Tom Antion and now you can have 30 days worth of
Tom for only 5 bucks.

That's right. Tom has done it again and created the largest and
best public speaking training site on the Internet. has over 300 training videos
on every aspect of professional level speaking.

(Remember - seven years ago Tom created a public speaking site
and it beat out three other million dollar sites to get
Best-of-the-Web honors in INC. Magazine . . . this new site
blows the old one away.)

There are 300 written articles, audio files, a photo gallery,
discussion board, comedy routines travel tips and lots of other
tips, tricks and tools to make you super great every time you speak.

Get paid to speak

PLUS he has tons of information on getting paid to speak,
increasing your speaking fees, selling at the back of the room
and other secrets only the top pro speakers know to get high
evaluations and big bucks every time they take the stage.

Visit the site, watch the 2 minute opening video, check out the
sample training and sign up today. The 5 buck offer is only good
for the first 1000 people and then it will be shut off.

With Tom's list of 130,000 people interested in public speaking
this offer won't last long. Visit and sign up right now.

SuperTracie, Tom's assistant

P.S. When you signup check out Tom's deal so you can get a
complimentary $99.00 DVD

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