Monday, July 21, 2008

Public Speaking : BALLOONS

Having owned an entertainment and balloon delivery company, I feel uniquely qualified to address this topic. Here are some ways to use balloons to add excitement to your presentation.

AIR FILLED (just blow them up yourself or get an easy to carry hand pump from your local party store)

=> Put slips of paper with the name of a door prize in the balloon. Let participants pick a balloon, pop it and see what prize they won.

=> Tie them to a string and hang from ceiling as decorations.

=> Use double stick tape and tape them to the floor as a border from the entrance door to the seating area. This is also good to take up space in a room that is too big for the number of chairs.

=> Pass empty balloons out to crowd. Have them blow them up and make whistling noises by letting the air escape while stretching the nozzle. Give prizes for best whistle song.

=> Pass out balloons and have audience members blow up and tie them. Simulate a fireworks display (noise only) by having the audience members stomp on the balloons.

=> Buy inexpensive balloon drop bags and pull ripcord, then encourage fireworks tip above.

=> Make balloon animals and sculptures.

Next issue we'll talk about helium balloons, and safety and environmental tips when dealing with balloons.

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