Friday, April 04, 2008

Public Speaking : KEEP IT SIMPLE

Your homepage of your website should be as simple as possible. I made the mistake of adding and adding and adding things to my homepage to the point where there was nearly 24 places to click. That has been reduced to seven with only two main categories and my visitors are thanking me in the form of spending more money.

I believe in continuous improvement so I got some outside help to critique my website which was doing quite well at the time. The objective third party noticed that there were just too many choices for a visitor landing on my home page and that many of the buttons down the left hand side could be combined. My consultant encouraged me to separate my different types of visitors right at the homepage and take them down different paths. The two main visitors I get are people needing a speaker and people that want to be a speaker. Those are now the main buttons on my site and each take the specific type of visitor on their own trip through my site.

I have gotten much feed back that the site is now much easier to navigate. This is primarily because people looking for a speaker now don't have to even be bothered with speaker services and all the other things on the site for speakers. AND the speakers visiting my site don't have to be bothered with program descriptions, Frequently Asked Questions and things that only apply to meeting planners.

Determine who the key visitors are to your site and redesign the structure to separate them from the very beginning and you will find your visitors will stay longer and buy more because they don't have to sift through things that are not of interest to them.

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