Thursday, March 06, 2008

Public Speaking: Residual income teleclass coming right up

"How to Earn Super Large Passive Incomes Using Residual Affiliate Programs"

Note: This can be done even if you don't have a website.

Sunday night, March 9th 9:00 PM (Don't forget Daylight Savings

Can't make it? The first 200 to register get a complimentary CD
of the call.

I currently get about $300,000.00 a year from residual affiliate
programs. This is only a small part of my overall business, but
it's nice to know that I could quit everything else I'm doing and
I would have this money coming in whether I worked or not. (see
quick story below)

You will learn:

=> How to find legitimate programs that pay you over and over
again . . .recommend something once and get paid forever

=> 5 ways to make money with affiliate programs without even
owning a website . . . you could start pulling in bucks the day
after the teleclass.

=> How top affiliates maximize their sales . . . in this case,
less is more, which is easier for you.

=> The types of affiliate programs to avoid . . . even some of
the big well-known ones are one step above ripoffs.

=> 10 ways to promote your program . . . only one of the ways
could cost alot, one costs about 35 cents a day and 8 of them are
totally complimentary.

=> How to protect your commissions by ensuring people don't go
directly to the affiliate website and bypass you . . .I've got
two techniques for you that are very easy to implement.

And like all my teleclasses, you'll learn much, much more.


Be one of the first 200 to register and get the complimentary CD


Here's a quick story:

I hurt my leg playing tennis. I was on the couch elevating my leg
which was packed in ice. I did no marketing, no emailing and was
half groggy from pain pills . . .  $24,000.00 came in that day.

This is the kind of security I want for you and your family.
Once you build a residual income empire, your family can still
thrive if you get injured, or even if you don't feel like working

Telephone Bridge line space is limited and my teleclasses sell
out quickly. Visit: now before
all the complimentary CDs are gone and did I mention that the
shipping is on me?

Complete details and registration is at:

Sign up now!

I'll talk to you Sunday night.

Tom Antion

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