Monday, January 28, 2008


OK, you choke on the food, or if you fly Southwest a lot likeI do, you dont even get any food. Why not give your seatmates some food for their minds?

I carry three of my books along for each leg of my journey. Whoever sits next to me, or anywhere near me that looks like a business person gets a copy. Before long Im doing a book signing in the aisle and people are asking me for my card. One time on Southwest I got hired for an Arizona Association meeting before we landed. Another time, again on Southwest (believe it or not) I sat next to Wynona Judd and she asked me for information on my speaker coaching services. On a first class upgrade on United I sat next to a guy who is President and CEO of a 150 million dollar company. By the time we landed I was invited to his home and he offered to personally introduce me to the VP of all seven of his divisions. (Update: We just had dinner together in Los Angeles last week and we are supposed to get together again in April)

Dont have a book? Make a cd to give out and follow up later. Its your choice. Complain about the food, or feed your information to your fellow passengers.

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