Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Public Speaking : Get Them In Fun

Get your public speaking crowd in fun! I’m sure you’re thinking, Tom that really doesn’t make sense. What does that mean? This is the phrase coined by those who study public speaking humor in regards to an insight by famous psychologist Sigmund Freud, who said:

"The most favorable condition for comic pleasure is a generally happy disposition in which one is in the mood for laughter. In happy toxic states almost everything seems comic. We laugh at the expectation of laughing, at the appearance of one who is presenting the comic material (sometimes even before he [she] attempts to make us laugh), and finally, we laugh at the recollection of having laughed."

Do you want an in fun and happy public speaking audience members? Get them happy and keep them there by ensuring everything about the event is silver lining. Creating a lighthearted and fun atmosphere will allow the audience to feel comfortable and more likely to laugh. When your public speaking audience is laughing they are in fun. This will not only result in not only an interesting event, but also an increase in your fan base, reputation, and number of bookings in a year! These are good things! So get in fun and make sure your viewers are there too!

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