Monday, October 01, 2007

Public Speaking : Alliteration

In public speaking presentations you can use a variety of levels of humor to engage the audience. You don’t always have to cause doubled-over laughter to add entertainment value. When you’d like to use a more subtle approach, try using alliteration. Now I know this will cause you to have flashback to eighth grade English, but stay with me here. I swear it won’t be as bad as you think:
Public speaking presentations provide audience members with pertinent information.

While that isn’t the funniest sentence or really even very amusing, it demonstrates my point. Notice that a majority of the words begin with P. Alliteration, often used as a marketing tool, uses the same letter for a series of words in a phrase or sentence. You can use this technique to create humorous points in your public speaking event. One way to do this is to try making a audience-based tongue twister and maybe have a few members compete to see who can sat it the best! That’s totally the thing to do! (see what I did??)

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